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Latest Review of Call of Duty Black Ops – Escalation

Monday, May 9, 2011 1:57 No Comments

I like Treyarch. I really do. Considering they were given the arduous task of doing the ‘other’ Call of Duty games whilst Infinity Ward worked on the Modern Warfare series, they have constantly performed. Yet still they were the outcasts. In my honest opinion, out of the last three CoD games, Treyarch have made the top two. Another thing that makes their games stand out is the DLC. Unlike the Map Packs for MW2, Escalation brings five brand new maps (no recycling here!), four standard maps and one zombie map (another thing that Treyarch brought to the franchise). With people starting to turn against the Call of Duty series, is this one map pack too far? “No,” is the short answ

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