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Bullet Time in Max Payne 3 will Provide a Better Experience over Previous Game

Friday, April 13, 2012 16:04 3 Comments

Max Payne 3 is gearing up for release in the future and one of the features which most gamers have been looking forward to is the Bullet time in the game, Bullet time has always been a feature present in every Max Payne game and with the release of Max Payne 3 the game further improves on an already amazing concept in the game. In a video game where Max is constantly out manned, out gunned and has limited limited options for tactical attacks bullet time is one of the many ways for Max to even the playing ground. Bullet Time has always been an important part of Max Payne’s video games, throughout all his games the odds are always against him but with bullet time players are able to buy the

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