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Nearly 5 million usernames and passwords of Gmail leaked to Russian Bitcoin forum

Thursday, September 11, 2014 10:52 No Comments

Nearly 5 million usernames and passwords appear to have been published on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Much of the information is old and potentially out-of-date, Google representatives told Russian media, so the so-called “leak” may be more accurately described as a collection of phished and hacked credentials collected over years. In fact, many of the accounts have long been suspended or are matched with very old passwords. The database of usernames and passwords, which was first reported by CNews, was posted on Tuesday evening to, a Russian-language Bitcoin security forum. The publisher, named tvskit, posted the following screenshot of the database, claiming that over 60 percen

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iTunes 9.2 for Windows and Mac, Now available for download.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:41 No Comments

Apple today has released iTunes 9.2 for both Windows and Mac. This release brings support for iPhone 4, iOS 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4) for iPhone and iPod touch, support for organizing iOS 4 folders, faster backups with iOS 4, PDF syncing with iBooks and various other bug fixes. iTunes 9.2 comes with several new features and improvements, including: • Sync with iPhone 4 to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on-the-go • Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 and iBooks 1.1 • Organize and sync PDF documents as books. Read PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 • Organize your apps on your iOS 4 home scr

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Facebook upgrades internal search engine

Thursday, March 18, 2010 13:07 No Comments

Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows users to quickly search and connect with people, pages, groups, events and applications. “Now as you’re typing in a query in the search bar, you will instantaneously see results not only of the people, events, groups and Pages you’re connected with but also the connections of your friends and globally relevant results,” explained Facebook engineer Wayne Kao. “You’ll see a wider variety of relevant results and be able to discover new connections you might want to make on right as you’re entering your search. “For example, if you start typing in ‘MGM’ to find the Facebook Pa

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Apple gives chief operating officer (Tim Cook) $5M bonus for “outstanding performance”

Monday, March 15, 2010 2:40 No Comments

SEATTLE – Apple Inc. is giving its chief operating officer a $5 million bonus for “outstanding performance” running the company while CEO Steve Jobs was on medical leave. Timothy Cook, 49, will also receive 75,000 restricted stock units scheduled to vest in 2011 and 2012, Apple said in a regulatory filing Friday. Jobs, 55, famously limits his salary to $1 per year, which leaves Cook the company’s highest-paid executive. In 2009, Cook received an $800,400 salary; $800,000 in nonstock incentive compensation; and about $40,900 in company matches to his retirement account, life insurance premiums and cash for unused vacation days. The COO also holds 13,741 shares of

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Facebook and Omniture expand marketing partnership

Thursday, March 4, 2010 7:42 No Comments

Facebook and Omniture, the Web analytics software maker, said Wednesday they are working together to help companies use the world’s largest social network as a marketing channel. Using Omniture’s products, companies will be able to measure how effective their ads are on Facebook. They will also be able to use Omniture’s search engine marketing management tool to buy Facebook ads. And they will be able to compare how well their ad campaigns do on Facebook compared with other outlets. EMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson said the deal is a “really big move” because many large online marketers use Omniture on a regular basis. “Marketers have been so interes

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