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Apple releases iTunes 10.5 ahead of iOS 5 for general public

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 12:12 No Comments

Apple on Tuesday released the latest version of its iTunes software to the general public. ITunes 10.5 brings with it several anticipated new features including support for Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud service, and it will be required for users who wish to update an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to iOS 5 following its release on Wednesday. Apple’s change log for iTunes 10.5 is as follows: What’s new in iTunes 10.5 iTunes in the Cloud. iTunes now stores your music and TV purchases in iCloud and makes them available on your devices anywhere, any time, at no additional cost. Automatic Downloads. Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and i

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Google updates browser-based Maps for Android and iOS

Sunday, May 22, 2011 22:50 No Comments

Google — noting that 40% of its Google Maps users are on mobile devices — updated its Google Maps Web app for iOS and Android today. We’ve been pretty satisfied with the native applications on Android and iOS, but the website allows you to access many of the options that are available from a desktop browser, too. That includes the ability to view your location, search nearby areas with suggestions and auto-complete, get directions for driving, transit, biking, or walking, view different lays, view Place pages, and access your starred locations. We’re particularly excited about the option for accessing our starred locations, a feature that’s not available in the native iOS

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Apple to release iOS 4.3.2 in the next two weeks

Friday, April 8, 2011 23:38 No Comments

Apple Inc. is rumored to release version 4.3.2 of iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch  in the next two weeks. The update is expected to include security enhancements, overall improvements, as well as a few bug fixes. Given that we cannot confirm the validity of this claim, we must take the information with a grain of salt [ via BGR ]

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Apple releases iTunes 10.1 with iOS 4.2 support

Saturday, November 13, 2010 11:07 No Comments

Apple has released iTunes 10.1 software update for Mac OS X and Windows platforms. This new version of iTunes brings support for iOS 4.2 update and the new wireless streaming feature – AirPlay. Announced at the Sept 1 event, the new AirPlay features allows streaming music, photos and videos to an Apple TV wirelessly. However, there’s no update or mention about the highly anticipated iOS 4.2 update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. New iTunes 10.1 for Mac OS X and Windows platforms brings number of important stability and performance fixes. New AirPlay feature will now let you stream videos from iTunes 10.1 to the all-new Apple TV wirelessly. Most importantly this

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Apple’s iPhone security fix will block hackers

Friday, August 13, 2010 7:31 No Comments

Apple has released a security patch to block hackers from gaining access to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the latest versions of their mobile operating system. That’s the good news. The bad: Users who have jailbroken their devices, hacking them in a legal but warranty-busting move to run unauthorized apps, will lose access to the unauthorized content. Anyone who wants to jailbreak after updating will likely have a harder time of it, too, until hackers devise the next jailbreak technique. Information about the security hole surfaced last week. The flaw allows hackers to get access to information stored on Apple’s mobile devices by putting a PDF file wi

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