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Microsoft Hotmail bans common passwords and introduces hacking alert system

Monday, July 18, 2011 16:17 No Comments

Microsoft announced two new key Hotmail security features on Thursday. The software giant is introducing a “My friend’s been hacked!” feature alongside banning commonly used and weak passwords. The hacking alert system will allow users to simply report accounts that have been compromised. “When someone’s account gets hijacked, their friends often find out before they do, because the hijacker uses their account to send spam or phishing email to all their contacts,” explains Microsoft’s Dick Craddock. The Hotmail team has built a specific feature to combat this. The “mark as” menu in Hotmail now contains “My friend’s been hacked!”. Hotmail users can also report hacked a

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Microsoft Hotmail updated to include Outlook-like features

Friday, June 24, 2011 13:04 No Comments

Microsoft detailed its new Hotmail features on Thursday. The company has been updating Hotmail over the past week to include a number of new features. Hotmail users will now notice a new right-click menu that allows them to reply, reply all, or forward messages. The feature expands on other right-click options that Hotmail already supports such as Mark as unread, Delete, Junk, Move and View message source. “Just like in Outlook, it’s even quicker to take care some of your most common tasks using that second button on your mouse,” says Microsoft’s Dick Craddock. Hotmail now supports a number of new keyboard shortcuts that are identical to Outlook. Ctrl+N will create a new mess

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Microsoft restores access to Hotmail inboxes

Monday, January 3, 2011 23:14 No Comments

Hotmail users are gradually regaining access to their inboxes after a bug left many staring at a blank page. Users have been complaining that their entire Hotmail accounts have been wiped without warning – emails, folders, the lot. Others say that the contents of their inboxes have automatically been moved to the deleted mail folder without any warning. “I was so shocked a couple of days ago when I checked my Hotmail as I do several times a day and dicovered I had no emails in my inbox or folders. I have lost loads of important info and sentimental pictures,” complained one. Instead of their emails, users see a ‘Welcome to Hotmail’ message treating them

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Microsoft upgrade aims to make Hotmail cool again

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 3:30 No Comments

Microsoft Corp. is trying to make Hotmail cool again.The free Web mail service soon will be switching to a new approach that Microsoft hopes will give Hotmail an edge over rival offerings from Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc. The upgrade, expected to be available in July or August, will automatically sort incoming messages into different categories devoted to users’ key contacts and Internet social networks. It will also provide previews of incoming photos, videos and other material without having to open an attachment or click on a link. Other tools are being added to make it less cumbersome to send photos, videos, documents and other attachments to e-mail recipients. Another tw

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