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Crysis 2 expected to score over 90 percent in reviews, expected to releases on March 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 13:55 No Comments

Electronic Arts seems to have placed a fair bit of confidence in the development staff at CryTek these days, most noticeably with the brand image it expects the company to return them. During a talk at GamesCom 2010, the company has announced its expectations that Crysis 2 will score over 90 percent in reviews when launch day arrives next year. David DeMartini, head of the EA Partners label that covers EA’s work with developer Crytek, explained the delays that have caused the title to be pushed further into Q1 2011. When asked by Eurogamer if the title had slipped from an Autumn 2010 release to Spring 2011, DeMartini replied, “It didn’t slip into March, but we bo

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