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Intel’s Z68 LGA 1155 chipset comes on May 11th this year

Saturday, April 23, 2011 0:12 No Comments

Although it has already been rumoured for a May launch, we managed to confirm that Intel’s Z68 LGA 1155 chipset with Sandy Bridge support will launch on May 11. As noted, the Intel Z68 Express chipset supports Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and will be marketed as a “performance overclocking chipset” that has support for CPU, memory, as well as processor graphics overclocking support. The Z68 can easily be considered as the tweaked P67 as it brings display outputs and RST SSD caching, while the rest of the specs are pretty much on par with the P67. Other thing that also seperates the Z68 from the P67 is LucidLogix’s Virtu graphics switching software t

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