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Yahoo! to lay off 14 percent [2000] of workforce

Thursday, April 5, 2012 19:49 No Comments

A new broom sweeps more cleanly and the new broom at Yahoo! Inc. is Chief Executive Scott Thompson. In the deepest cuts for years at Yahoo! 2,000 people, 14 per cent of the workforce, have been removed from their employment. The new exec wants a smaller and more agile company and to cut the overheads, this round of staff cuts is estimated to save the company $375 million per year. Thompson is also planning to reshuffle certain Yahoo divisions and possibly sell off its ad-placement service as the company refocuses on its core business. The stock market reaction to the news was muted. Shares were down slightly, shareholders almost always approve of a mass culling of workforce, but they have s

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Yahoo revamped email service with largest redesign of Yahoo Mail in six years

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 17:03 No Comments

It’s taken its time, but Yahoo is finally getting its revamped mail service out of beta, giving its 284 million users social network integration, faster search and more. With social networking sites increasingly becoming many people’s preferred means of communication, the new version allows Facebook and Twitter updates to be posted directly from within Yahoo’s email boxes through a reply bar. It’s also possible to chat with friends who are logged into Facebook directly from Yahoo Mail. There’s also a prioritization feature placing a user’s most frequent contacts at the top of the list, and the ability to search IM and SMS conversations as well as

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