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BlackBerry PlayBook May hit Sprint on June 5th for $499

Saturday, June 4, 2011 15:40 No Comments

Sprint’s public sector marketing director, Gerald Evans, recently posted a message on his personal blog noting that Sprint planned to launch the Wi-Fi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook on June 5th for $499. The post has since been pulled, so it’s unclear if the tablet will make its debut on Sunday, but we suspect it was a slip on Evans’ part and that the launch is likely to take place on that date. Sprint has also announced that it will offer a 4G WiMAX version of the tablet sometime this summer; there’s still no official word on a launch date or price for that model, however. [Via Mobile Burn]

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Blackberry Playbook hitting International on Next month, price revealed

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 0:54 No Comments

Research in Motion recently launched their first ever tablet in USA and Canada which is known as BlackBerry Playbook. We recently reviewed it for you, and we told you that it’s a good tablet. Mobilink also announced that they will bring it in Pakistan whereas HomeShopping PK and other retailers are already offering it. Unfazed by its recent Playbook recall in the US, Research in Motion has firmed up plans to release the device in the UK. The company’s flagship tablet will hop across the pond to its first international market, where it will go on sale beginning June 16. The news comes very recently after RIM had to put egg on its face by recalling several hundred Playbooks statesid

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First BlackBerry Tablet – PlayBook Now Officially Available

Friday, April 22, 2011 22:35 No Comments

The day many BlackBerry addicts have been waiting for has finally come. The first BlackBerry Tablet — the BlackBerry PlayBook — has finally become available. Individuals can find the 7-inch tablet across several consumer electronics retailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, and more. The base model is priced at $499. Unfortunately, it seems that AT&T customers are not able to use the BlackBerry Bridge feature at this time. It’s unknown why exactly the carrier was left out. The functionality does seem to work on all other carriers.

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