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Google Introduce Chromebox for meetings hardware and service offering

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 19:59 No Comments

Google is making another step towards the enterprise today with its announcement of “Chromebox for meetings,” an integrated and simple solution for getting businesses into video conferencing. At launch, Chromebox for meetings is simply a pre-configured set of hardware that all works together, along with support and a simple interface for Google Apps and Hangouts. A simpler and less expensive solution for video conferencing The hardware consists of a standard-issue ASUS Chromebox, a 1080p webcam (what looks to be from Logitech), a wireless speakerphone / microphone combo and a wireless remote. You’ll need to provide a display, but choosing what size you need on your own i

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Google is going to introduce 3D maps before Apple WWDC at June 6th event

Saturday, June 2, 2012 13:19 No Comments

Google on Friday sent out press invites for a Maps event in San Francisco next week. The event will be hosted by Brian McClendon, vice president oGoogle is to unveil the “next dimension” of Google Maps on Wednesday 6 June just days ahead of Apple’s WWDC conference where it is widely expected the company will announce it is dropping Google Maps from the iPhone and iPad. Google Maps and Google Earth, who will give a “behind-the-scenes” look at the “next dimension” of the company’s Map service, hinting at a new 3D mapping feature. Apple is reportedly planning to drop Google Maps from its devices and as BGR exclusively reported earlier this week, is expected to debu

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Google Chrome most popular internet browser

Monday, May 21, 2012 18:34 No Comments

Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used web browser  according to the latest reports. It’s the first time the browser, which was launched in 2008, has topped the charts for most popular browser though its rise to the top has been anticipated. The data, gathered from Statcounter, makes for further painful reading for Internet Explorer as Chrome’s popularity is down to more people switching from using IE, and Firefox, meaning the gulf between them is growing at a rapid rate. Microsoft, the company behind Internet Explorer is sure to come back fighting withrumours of IE 10 arriving later this year. Yet with Google Chrome itself evolving with a number of extensions

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Google Project Glass: a new way to see the world

Saturday, April 7, 2012 14:22 No Comments

Google unveiled “Project Glass” earlier this week, an undertaking that it hopes will bring eyewear equipped with heads-up display technology to the masses. The new glasses currently in development include an integrated transparent display that projects images and data in the wearer’s field of vision. HUD technology such as this could allow users to pair Google’s glasses with a smartphone and view data while the handset remains tucked away, or they could operate as a standalone product with an integrated chipset and embedded flash memory. The project has stirred up a healthy amount of intrigue within the media and among consumers, and Google’s competition has apparently taken note.

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Google now penalises websites with excessive top-of-page ads

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 16:20 No Comments

Last week, Google updated its site ranking algorithm; the change? Sites, which once forced our tired fingers to reach out for the scroll wheel on our mice in order to navigate down past excessive top-of-the-page ads, are to be penalised for causing user annoyance. Google engineer, Matt Cutts, was quick to point out that this change will not affect sites that utilise top page ads to a “normal degree” and that Google understands the importance and effectiveness of the proper use of such advertisements. The impact of the change is expected to affect just less than one in every 100 searches, where a user can expect to observe a reordering of results. If you’re unsure if your s

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