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Web Gambling, Interesting way to gain by learning to gamble on the internet

Monday, September 1, 2014 14:05 3 Comments

The concept of an online casino like CanadaLuck may be a foreign concept to some but it’s a growing trend among both casual and professional gamblers. It gives all the thrill of gambling havens like Las Vegas and Atlantic City from the comfort of your own home. To top it all off, it gives you a great gambling experience at the fraction of the cost that you would have spent if you had decided to take a road trip or flight to one of the aforementioned major hubs for gamblers. You can use the money you would have spent on travel for more opportunities to play. Those who are hesitant about using computers may be skeptical about how user-friendly an online casino can be. Let it be clear that

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Free Online Casino Slots by mFortune Casino App for Mobiles.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 20:50 No Comments

mFortune Casino for mobile phones is one of the few casinos you’ll find dedicated exclusively to the mobile phone audience, although it has recently added a desktop version to its web app.  Installation can be achieved in as little as three simple steps:

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Angry Birds trip to space tops 50 million downloads

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 0:49 No Comments

Rovio on Monday announced that the company’s latest Angry Birds installment, Angry Birds Space, has been downloaded a whopping 50 million times in 35 days, making it the fastest growing mobile game of all time. The company also teased that “something even bigger is on its way” and gamers should stay tuned. Angry Birds Space was released on March 22nd for iOS and Android devices, as well as OS X and Windows PCs. The fourth major Birds release delivered new and unique gameplay features alongside new and existing characters. The game was an instant hit and in less than three days was downloaded 10 million times. Fans have called the game the best Birds game since the original. Read Full

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Bullet Time in Max Payne 3 will Provide a Better Experience over Previous Game

Friday, April 13, 2012 16:04 3 Comments

Max Payne 3 is gearing up for release in the future and one of the features which most gamers have been looking forward to is the Bullet time in the game, Bullet time has always been a feature present in every Max Payne game and with the release of Max Payne 3 the game further improves on an already amazing concept in the game. In a video game where Max is constantly out manned, out gunned and has limited limited options for tactical attacks bullet time is one of the many ways for Max to even the playing ground. Bullet Time has always been an important part of Max Payne’s video games, throughout all his games the odds are always against him but with bullet time players are able to buy the

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Crysis 3 early details revealed

Thursday, April 12, 2012 13:40 No Comments

The newest entry in one of the hottest PC gaming franchises is getting primed and ready. We’re talking about Crysis 3. The game is poised to be an even more immersing, graphically impressive, and incredibly riveting experience than ever before, leaving fans salivating for any sort of information about what it will entail. Those first little trickles of information are starting to come forward. First up, a banner ad for the game has been leaked and posted on the NeoGAF forums. The ad confirms that the title will be available for both the Xbox 360 and the PC. The ad touts a Limited Edition set available for $49.99. In addition, the game will also be released through digital distributio

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