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New Asus Eee PC X101 Netbook runs MeeGo OS

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Other than the UX21 ultra thin notebook, Asus also announced at the Computex 2011 its Eee PC X101 netbook that runs the MeeGo OS. The X101 is powered by an Intel Atom N435 Oak Trail processor with intgrated GMA 600 graphics chip. It has a 10.1-inch 1034×600 display with a webcam on top of it. The Eee PC X101 supports WiFi and has near full-sized keyboard, stereo speaker, two USB ports, dual microphone array and headphone jack. The netbook can be equipped with both SSD and hard drive. It is also available with Windows 7. Asus Eee PC X101 will start from $199. Hands-on from Engadget:

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Apple’s is going to introduce cloud-based Music Service Next Month – iCloud

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Apple is expected to finally unveil its cloud-based music service next month at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Unlike similar products recently introduced by Google and Amazon that feature limited utility, Apple is thought to have deals in place with major record labels that will allow it to offer a paid service and a simplified library building process. The service has been rumored to be in development for years, and now Bloomberg Businessweek has supposedly spilled the beans, detailing exactly how the offering will work. Citing anonymous sources who were briefed on Apple’s talks with record labels, Apple’s cloud music service will constantly

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Multiplayer Preview

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The latest Transformers game asks a very serious question: What happens when one group of giant robots gets super-angry at another group of giant robots, and they start fighting each other all over the world? It’s a question you can let the game answer for you in the story mode, but if you’d rather take things into your own hands, you can answer that question for yourself in this third-person shooter’s competitive multiplayer mode. Dark of the Moon’s multiplayer is going to be familiar to anyone who played the most recent Transformers game, War for Cybertron. There’s a leveling-up system, unlockable abilities, and a fair amount of customization as fa

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Dirt 3 Latest Review – Rally returns with bad weather in a good way.

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There’s a good chance I’ll never hurtle down the backroads of Finland at more than 100 mph in a BMW Z4. To be honest, I’d be terrified to cross into triple digits on roads so narrow. But to be able to experience such a feat in a safe environment is divine. Dirt 3 delivers this power, reminding rally nuts what a fun ride this series is. The driving in Dirt 3 feels tight and responsive, and the six tuning options return to balance out any terrain type. Driving through Finland, Michigan, Norway, LA, Kenya, and Monaco feels superb. Cars respond effectively to the slightest control touches and the need for tight braking stands out. Every slide from gravel onto tarmac or

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Sony decide to Reduces Investment Cost For PlayStation 4

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Development is already underway on Sony’s next home console, according to the company, though it won’t repeat the ambitious and expensive PS3 development process that kept its division in the red for so long. Speaking to investors Thursday following the announcement that its PlayStation division posted a profit in the previous fiscal year, Sony Corporation executive vice president and CFO Masaru Kato revealed that part of its projected R&D cost in the coming year will be used for the next PlayStation home console. “The PS3 still has product life, but this is a platform business,” he said. “So for the future [of the] platform, when will we introduce it

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