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Steve Jobs attacks Adobe Flash as unfit for iPhone

Friday, April 30, 2010 2:09 2 Comments

EW YORK – For iPhone users who’ve been wondering whether their devices will support Flash technology for Web video and games anytime soon, the answer is finally here, straight from Steve Jobs: No. In a detailed offensive against the technology owned by Adobe Systems Inc., Apple’s CEO wrote Thursday that Flash has too many bugs, drains batteries too quickly and is too oriented to personal computers to work on the iPhone and iPad. This is not the first time Jobs has publicly criticized Flash, but the statement was his clearest, most definitive — and longest — on the subject. In his 1,685-word “Thoughts on Flash,” Jobs laid out his reasons for excluding

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Nefarious “iPad virus” masquerades as iTunes update

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 13:00 No Comments

Steve Jobs, where are you!? A nefarious virus has targeted users of your magical, shiny and overpriced Apple iPads. The virus is reportedly spread via malware links sent to clueless and unsuspecting iPad owners in the form of a purported iTunes update for Windows PCs. “[Once] inadvertently downloaded…Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY injects itself into the explorer.exe process and opens up a backdoor that allows unauthorized access to and control over the affected system,” confirmed BitDefender. “Moreover, Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY attempts to read the keys and serial numbers of the various software installed on the affected computer, while also logging the passwords to the v

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The end of an era: Sony officially kills floppy disks

Monday, April 26, 2010 3:12 1 Comment

Who uses 3.5-inch floppy disks anymore? No one. So it is a mainly symbolic announcement that Sony will no longer be producing the disks in Japan, officially putting the last death knell on the format. Sony stopped making floppy disks in the US and other major markets long ago, and every other big corporation has pulled out of the now-archaic format. According to Cnet, Sony still managed to sell 12 million floppy disks in its last fiscal year. That may be because it’s the only real major player still in the market. But it has decided that it’s time to move forward. Sony is credited with bringing the 3.5-inch format to the market. It first introduced the medium to comput

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Skype gives stranded passengers free WiFi at 100,000+ hotspots

Saturday, April 24, 2010 1:55 No Comments

Better late than never, especially when it comes to free WiFi. And for the thousands of passengers who still can’t get a flight back home, Skype’s major announcement today is a very welcome surprise. In addition to its voice-over IP service, Skype has a presence at over 100,000 WiFi hotspots around the world, where users can use their Skype Credits in exchange for minutes of Internet access. From now through the end of Friday, April 23, Skype Access service is completely free, everywhere. “While the air traffic situation in Northern Europe gradually begins to return to normality, a lot of you around the world will still be spending more time than usual at airports,&

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Latest Microsoft Office 2010 is coming, arrives May 12, 2010.

Friday, April 23, 2010 1:52 3 Comments

Chances are, you’re still using Office 2003 or earlier, but get ready for the next gen: Microsoft Office 2010 is coming, and sooner than you might think. ZDNet reported that the software was Chinese sweatshops so it can be on Best Buy and Office Depot shelves in time for Memorial Day. What’s the horoscope for Office 2010? (A Taurus, by the way.) Will it be a hit? Microsoft thinks so, noting that three times as many people beta-tested the Office 2010 suite as previewed Office 2007 — a launch that was plagued with bad juju because it was tied in with the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista. Office 2007 also introduced a new and wildly unpopular file format for native stor

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